Member Success Stories


I wanted to say thank you to Alex, Peter & Christina for helping me to get my health & fitness back on track.  You would think working in a gym would motivate me to workout, but I was finding myself to have 100 excuses a day as to why I couldn't.  One of my reasons was the constant pain and discomfort I had with my neck, back, shoulder and also an ankle issue.  After sitting behind the front desk here for a year I decided things were only going to get worse and I needed to make time for me because if I don't take care of myself how am I going to take care of anyone else in my life?


Sitting with Christina going over my daily eating habits has helped me to get on the right track and I feel so much better now that I am eating a proper diet.


Peter set me up with Alex for training as I felt I needed an appointment to hold myself accountable.  If I was left on my own, two things would have happened.  One, my alarm would have gone off & I would have shut if off!  The other would have been that I jumped 110% into working out and would have aggravated my issues even more.  Alex took his time, listened to my past and created a workout program to get me back into things at a slow rate.  His phrase was "before you work out you have to work in".  I'll admit I didn't fully understand his approach at first as I wanted immediate results as any typical woman would.  However, 3 months in I am happy to report that I have cancelled all my orthopedist appointments, went from taking 8 advil a day to zero and no longer go through a bottle of bio freeze every week!  My clothes are fitting better which of course I am happy about as well, however the best part is not having constant pain that affects my life every day!

The staff is so incredibly knowledgeable and I am so grateful to be a part of this family here at Elevation.  They truly have everyone's best interest at heart and I know I am in the best hands possible.


So thank you Christina for all of your nutrition advice which not only has helped me, but also is getting my entire family healthier with each meal.  Thank you to my trainer Alex for helping not to feel like I'm going to fall apart at any minute and decreasing my CVS bill (haha) and a special thank you to my boss Peter for allowing me to be a part of this amazing journey that you are taking.  


I was diagnosed with a SLAP tear in my left shoulder 2 years ago. I was 48 yrs old and in very good shape at the time other than my shoulder.  So I tried to rehab on my own. Tried first to rest and then physical therapy (never works) then eased into my own light workout routine hoping this would be as effective as it was for the tendinitis rehab in my other shoulder from a few years back. But no such luck. I was extremely disheartened and felt surgery may be my only hope to get the shoulder back in 'serviceable' condition. As a last ditch effort I decided to call a personal trainer. I was skeptical as I had never felt the need to go to one in the past and was not confident in their ability to help.  I met Peter Lombardi and got an immediate sense that he knew what he was doing and was truly invested in his career. We had a discussion about my situation and discussed the plan to build my body back up and develop the muscles supporting the labrum. There were some minor setbacks as my 50 year old body adjusted but 4+ months later I can say my body and my shoulder feel better than they have in years. My workouts are back to normal. I am whole again and on the path to challenging my body which has an immeasurable positive impact on my overall well-being.


"The more spiritually developed anybody becomes, the healthier anybody becomes, then the more in touch they are with the intangible and the more real the invisible becomes."


One night in April of 2007 (Senior Year in High School-Age: 18), I was on my way out the gym after my workout when the gym manager approached me and asked me my name.  I was startled at first because my initial reaction was, ‘Did I forget to pay my past-due balance?’  After entering into a conversation with him and realizing that he was not concerned with my overdue payments, he started to ask me about my fitness goals.  At this point in my life, I had just lost close to sixty pounds, going from 205 lbs in December 2006 to 148 lbs in April 2007.  How did I do it? Well, I took fat burners for four months straight, ate close to nothing, and worked out for two hours everyday of the week.  Let me explain to you about my diet and exercise prior to this conservation with my gym manager.  Here is an example of my day-to-day diet and exercise routine: 

Meal One [6:30am] One Chewy Granola Bar 

Meal Two [10:30am]: Already Cooked Purdue Chicken on two slices of Whole Wheat Bread

Exercise One [2:30pm-5:00pm]: Swim Practice

Meal Three [6:00pm]: Already Cooked Purdue Chicken on two slices of Whole Wheat Bread

Exercise Two [7:30pm-9:30pm]: Two miles at 9.0 speed on the Treadmill, Extensive Anaerobic Workout (i.e. 13-14 different exercises with 3 sets x 10 repetitions), Two miles at 9.0 speed on the Treadmill

Meal Four [Before Bed]: Fruit (i.e. grapes or apple)

As you can see, as each day went on, I was killing my body and my soul due to an obsessive fixation with my weight.  I thought that if I worked out a lot I would lose fat, get jacked, and be healthier in the process.  I would soon find out that this self perceived notion/theory that weight in pounds is directly correlated with overall fitness and health is just flat out irrational and outlandish. 

That night, my life changed.  It is important to note, that the connotation of the word “change” is not solely referring to physical gains, but rather a lifestyle change that has equally affected me both mentally and physically, resulting in a much more holistic lifestyle.  That gym manager who I thought was trying to empty out my wallet would become my mentor, trainer, dietitian, and my friend. 

     Peter Lombardi has had a substantial impact on my life.  Before I met him I knew nothing about fitness, nothing about how the body worked, and nothing about health in general.  Contrary to most “ trainers,” when I train with Peter he tells me how to perform a certain exercise, why I am performing the exercise, and how the exercise is impacting my body.  For me, it is his attention to the details that separates him from the rest.  When you train with Peter Lombardi, not only does your body have to perform, your mind has to perform.  I have worked out with trainers other than Peter, but their workouts are straight out of a muscle magazine and are ordinary.  When they trained me, I would ask them thought provoking questions about the mechanics of the body and why they had me performing certain exercises.  Their answers would be simple, and often inadequate.  When I train with Peter, his workouts are challenging and unique; he has me engaging in exercises that I didn’t think were feasible.  I consider myself an athletic person, but even with my athletic ability I am always challenged when I train with Peter.  Boring routines that cause you to become complacent and unchallenged are eliminated when you train with Peter Lombardi; you will always be on your toes, and both your body and mind will constantly be put to the test.  Peter Lombardi is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met, and if I ever have a question about something involving fitness/health, he is the first and only person I consult; Peter Lombardi always has the answers to my questions/concerns, and his answers are always adequate and in-depth, providing me with knowledge that I can utilize and comprehend.

    The purpose of me writing this is not to convince you of anything, nor is it to make you believe something that is not true.  I have no intentions of anything other than to explain to you my experiences with Peter Lombardi.  Everything I have mentioned is my true real life experience.  

Three years ago, I was ignorant, misinformed, and physically and mentally unhealthy.  Today, I am a fitness guru; I am well informed about the various mechanisms/functions of the body, and my body and mind have changed dramatically.  My concern with fitness and Health has become an integral part of my daily life.  I can honestly say that Peter Lombardi has changed my way of life and has facilitated my transition to a more holistic and healthy lifestyle.  


“One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.”


Until a few months ago, working out was always a chore (that I skipped quite frequently).  I would do the occasional “jog around the neighborhood,” and if you were really lucky, I would maybe do a squat or two, but even that was pushing it.


For about 7 months now, I have been training with Alex two times per week.  A training session never goes without laughter and working out has become something that I truly enjoy (and that is all thanks to Alex).  Alex’s passion for helping others optimize their health and fitness goals is evident through his positive attitude and overall care for each client that he works with.  Not only am I grateful for the progress I have made towards my fitness goals, but I am truly thankful for a new friendship.


I just completed your 8 week Get Fit training program.  This was an amazing program and it was the perfect platform for me to jump start a healthy lifestyle. What made the program great was the dedication of the staff. Specifically, Maria, the Trainer and Christina, the  Nutritionist; both included in the 8 week program.Both Maria and Christina worked with me to personalize a program just for me! They sat with me to discuss what my goals were and then together we worked on a program that helped me lose over 10lbs and more than 2" around my waist! And it was all done in a very healthy manner.  The recipes that Christina provided were not only good for me but they were amazingly tasty!The staff members at Elevations are outstanding.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help.  The classes are fun and provide a variety of opportunities to get fit. On top of all of that, the gym is spotless! There is always someone cleaning the machines.Thank you and your staff for helping me change my life. 


I should have met with you a long time ago.  I’ve never eaten such delicious, filling food before.  I have so many stomach issues and yo-yo weight issues, and right now my stomach feels great and I lost a couple pounds while eating gourmet meals.  You are awesome!

Thank you Christina, I’m eating better than ever, losing weight and feel no stomach burning any more.  


A few months ago working as an RN on the night shift, I had reached a point where my physical well being was at an all time low. No energy, poor eating habits, and physical injuries had taken their toll on my body and mind. With a wedding in the near future, I knew my current state of well being was not what I wanted! With my sister’s recommendation and the incredible results I saw from her training, I joined Elevation Fitness and began training. From our first meeting I knew I made the right decision. My trainer is very attentive to what my goals are while taking into account injuries/obstacles that are hindering my progression. He is great at tailoring my workouts to what I need to gain strength, endurance, and improved mobility. He has also been the huge driving force and motivation behind changing my entire lifestyle to better suit the night shift life!  


I have been a member of Elevation Fitness since 2012.  I joined the gym with the intention of working out 2 to 3 days a week with no real goal in mind.  Within the first six months I started attending Fitness Camp.  I continued working out every week with the encouragement of Peter Lombardi and Gina Harbord.  This past summer I let my guard down and enjoyed too many margaritas and too much red wine, as well as not paying attention to the food I was eating.  I decided to make a change and started personal training with Gina.  I had never worked one on one with a personal trainer so had no idea what to expect.  Gina is an awesome trainer and gives me so such encouragement!  I immediately started seeing results, which were erasing my summer of fun.  I then heard about the Summer Slim down offered by Christina Lombardi, registered dietitian at the gym and decided to give it a try with two other members of the gym.  I received three weeks of meal plans by Christina as well as continued encouragement to stay on track.  At the end of the three weeks, I felt so much better overall.  I feel happier and so much healthier!  After the three weeks, I decided to go for another four weeks with Christina!  The combination of eating healthy and personal training with Gina has helped me get closer to meeting my fitness goals.  My two biggest accomplishments:  I love red wine but I have given that up for now – four weeks with no wine!  Second accomplishment:  I could never do real pushups.  I can now do 10 real pushups easily!

I would recommend Elevation Fitness to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness AND meet some new awesome friends!


Over these past 6 weeks I have learned that eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis should not end with the “challenge”. Instead, it has become my way of life. Finally putting myself first, I'm feeling more energized and strong. Glad to be on this journey with my new Elevation Fitness family.


After only 1 week of eating clean and making the gym 5 days a week I felt happier and stronger. I had more energy and that in itself was motivation to keep going.
I strayed from meal plans a lot more then I wanted to but got right back on track.  I made it to gym 5 days a week at least 5 out of the 6 week challenge.
My favorite part of this entire challenge was the Saturday morning class.  It was inspirational to see most of the same faces. Watching all of them struggle but not give up. I watched all of them get stronger and stronger each week and I also got stronger each week. 

I would walk in every Saturday very nervous about what was ahead and an hour later I walked out and felt so proud that I made it through. I enjoyed challenging myself and I felt encouraged to push myself by listening and watching everyone else do the same. Oh and of course Pete and Dave always made it comical.

I have been coming to this gym for about 8 or 9 years and I have met so many wonderful people and also made life long friends. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! All the food was delicious and I will continue to make most of it a part of my diet every week!


After being stagnant for a full year due to an injury, the mind really makes you doubt yourself.  Could I do this?  I gained 50 pounds during that year and lost tremendous muscle tone.  My cardio was horrible and my conditioning was at an all time low.  From the beginning it was clear that this was not a competition, but rather a personal challenge.  With Christina's nutritional advise and weekly recipes, I dialed in my energy supplies and detoxified my body.  Peter and his staff made me push myself further than I thought possible and really motivated me back into a healthy lifestyle.  I have a long way to go in my fitness journey, but am very grateful for their expert direction.  Thanks for making me feel "ALIVE" again.  My personal challenge continues.


Four months ago, as a birthday gift, my husband got me a membership and personal training sessions at Elevation Fitness.  Although I wanted nothing more than to get in shape and feel healthy again after having my two children, I felt unsure and was intimidated.  I had many insecurities about challenging myself and learning how to workout effectively by weight training.  Elevation has made the experience nothing but enjoyable.  As a small community gym, Elevation Fitness offers a personal experience that larger gyms lack.  Pete, the owner and his staff are both personable and professional.  Due to my success at Elevation, not only have I lost weight and gained physical strength but I have begun to find the self esteem and confidence I lacked for so long!