Not all weight loss is Healthy

December 3, 2019

Every time a woman goes on a diet, she damages her metabolism and makes it that much harder for her to get back to her ideal (Body comp that facilitates mental, emotional, spiritual well-being) body composition.


There are so many lose-weight-quick schemes out there nowadays. Especially these diet (which means temporary) protocols that have the client consuming more processed packaged food than real organic Whole Foods. These protocols are a problem and usually end up damaging the client in the long run despite a temporary reduction in weight and body fat percentage.


Women have very sensitive hormonal systems. When a woman over exercises, under eats, or does both simultaneously she down regulates her lypolytic enzymes. These are also known as the Fat-Burning enzymes. This takes place with a concomitant increase in lypogenic enzymes, also known as fat-building enzymes. 




This shift in enzymatic activity is less than favorable. Now imagine a women who constantly increases and decreases her body fat as she goes on and off of calorie restrictive diets and exercise programs that break her down to the point that she cannot maintain the program usually due to adrenal fatigue and/or injury.


So, how do we reach our weight loss/body composition goals and maintain them? 







First; we need to develop habits that are sustainable. Nutrition and physical activity are prescriptions toward health and vitality and they need to be in the right dosage and prescribed specific to the individual clients needs. 


Finding a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist would be my first suggestion. There are many people that run around giving nutrition advice but yet cannot actual tell you anything about biochemistry and physiology. This is a problem as these people are usually the ones prescribing these programs or have some type of dogmatic view poin