Why Steel Mace Training for Athletes?


The Steel Mace is merely a lever, with the weight at one end!


If you’ve used a kettlebell, you may have already experienced how, as the weight moves away from where you hold it,a few things have to AMP UP…Body Awareness, Core Strength, as well as Grip Strength.

The Steel Mace moves the weight further from the grip hand, and as we move with it, we must balance and stabilize it to avoid swinging out of control! The necessity to maintain good form and posture while the weight moves from side to side puts a demand on the core musculature, as well as normally under-active stabilizers. This action allows us to get much more out of a workout, and keeping the compensations that athletes hide, to a minimum, and helps them strengthen their foundations so that all other aspects of their game gets better!

The LEAST YOU COULD DO is clean up some muscle imbalances we get from having a dominant side, rough in most people...but potentially the worst in athletes from those repetitive use of the dominant side (throwing, punching, kicking , running)... And from there, we not only build phenomenal core and grip strength, but ROTATIONAL POWER.

The importance of STEEL MACE Training, or even any offset weight training for any athlete, CAN NOT BE UNDERSTATED. We may be strong under the bar, or if we align ourselves in the perfect position...But what if our sport involves ROTATION? Do we throw a ball, swing a baseball bat, tennis racket, or even throw a punch...just with the arm? Not quite...we always, always try to generate that power from the muscles in the core, which the body rotates around, and even then, timing is everything. When we generate power from the core, and learn to control that rotation through PURPOSEFUL ROTATION, we can train ourselves to be more explosive with our movements, react faster, and with intention. That is the benefit if all goes well. It also has value in keeping us safe as an athlete. What if we misstep during anyone of those movements in big game, and have to take a fall while rotated? Are we prepared? Are we staying on the field?

Steel Mace Training is a fantastic complement to any athletic training program, regardless of the sport! Come on down, pick up a steel mace, and see for yourself!

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