Please join us for a three part self-defense seminar starting on Saturday Oct. 13th at 10am and continuing on the 20th & 27th .


We will be covering topics such as situational awareness, tactical striking, defense against grabs, holds and pins. Plus much more!


The cost of the seminar will be $115. This includes three 90min classes, raffles and a gift for each participant.


A portion of all proceeds will be donated to First Company Pink. First Company Pink is a not for profit organization on the frontline of PREVENTION. While raising funds for life saving BREAST CANCER RESEARCH, they also promote and support education and public awareness projects. They are vigilant in their effort to eradicate breast cancer in this lifetime. While always supporting research towards a cure, they are LASER FOCUSED ON EDUCATING OUR YOUTH about their breast cancer risks, allowing them to discover firstly, the lifesaving power of PREVENTION and secondly the basics of early INTERVENTION thus leading them to early DETECTION.