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Personal Training

We design Personal Training programs based on YOUR needs

At Elevation Fitness, we design personal training programs based on YOUR needs and wants.  We understand you are an individual requiring specific and intelligent exercise selections with application of those exercises to ensure optimal health, vitality, and performance enhancement.  This is serious business!

Following a needs and want analysis, our Trainers and Strength & Conditioning Specialists will design an individualized exercise program that is appropriate for your body and your goals.,

Personal Training Consolation
In the initial consultation, we will discuss your health history and goals. We will also determine how soon we can reach those goals without jeopardizing your health and vitality.

Customized & Unique

The fitness industry is filled with uneducated professionals, many who are very passionate about fitness and mean well, but they are just not qualified to be putting clients through the complexities of exercise programs. On top of that, most trainers will start training their clients without any assessment. That means there is no starting point, and no scientific rationale to the program. This is unacceptable.  Our exercise program design is preceded by three or more of the following assessments, based on the individual’s unique or specific requirements:

  • Health history

  • Posture analysis

  • Length Tension Tests

  • Core Function/Stability Tests

  • Core Strength Testing

  • Range of Motion Tests

  • Movement Analysis

  • Maximal Strength Tests (Elite Athletes or Strength Athletes)

  • Body Composition Test

The results of our assessment protocols, in conjunction with specific exercise principles unique to the Elevation Fitness model, will help us to formulate a customized program to achieve your health and/or performance goals.

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I should have met with you a long time ago. I’ve never eaten such delicious, filling food before. I have so many stomach issues and yo-yo weight issues, and right now my stomach feels great and I lost a couple pounds while eating gourmet meals. You are awesome!

Ginny Nutrition Client

For about 7 months now, I have been training with Alex two times per week. A training session never goes without laughter and working out has become something that I truly enjoy (and that is all thanks to Alex).

Brenda Training Client

I met Peter Lombardi and got an immediate sense that he knew what he was doing and was truly invested in his career. 4+ months later I can say I feel better than they have in years.

Sean Training Client

Sitting with Christina going over my daily eating habits has helped me to get on the right track and I feel so much better now that I am eating a proper diet.

Karyn Nutrition Client

From our first meeting I knew I made the right decision. My trainer is very attentive to what my goals are while taking into account injuries/obstacles that are hindering my progression.

Lauren Training Client

I would recommend Elevation Fitness to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness AND meet some new awesome friends!

Annette Gym Member

Over these past 6 weeks I have learned that eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis should not end with the “challenge”. Instead, it has become my way of life. Finally putting myself first, I'm feeling more energized and strong. Glad to be on this journey with my new Elevation Fitness family.

Nicole Gym Member

I have been coming to this gym for about 8 or 9 years and I have met so many wonderful people and also made life long friends. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! All the food was delicious and I will continue to make most of it a part of my diet every week!

Amber Gym Member

With Christina's nutritional advise and weekly recipes, I dialed in my energy supplies and detoxified my body. Peter and his staff made me push myself further than I thought possible and really motivated me back into a healthy lifestyle.

Elizabeth Gym Member

Elevation has made the experience nothing but enjoyable. As a small community gym, Elevation Fitness offers a personal experience that larger gyms lack.

Meg Gym Member

I just completed your 8 week training program. This was an amazing program and it was the perfect platform for me to jump start a healthy lifestyle.

Margaret Get Fit Client

My concern with fitness and Health has become an integral part of my daily life. I can honestly say that Peter Lombardi has changed my way of life and has facilitated my transition to a more holistic and healthy lifestyle.

Joseph Training Client

I am at an age where I just want to be fit and healthy. Our bodies are our responsibility! So start caring for your body and it will care for you. Eat clean and workout hard.

Henry Walker Nutritionist

"The more spiritually developed and healthier people become, the more in touch they are with the intangible, and the more real the invisible becomes."

Joseph North Babylon