Personal Training

At Elevation Fitness we design Personal Training programs based on YOUR needs and YOUR wants.  We understand you are an individual requiring specific and intelligent exercise selections with application of those exercises to ensure optimal Health, Vitality, and performance enhancement.  This is serious business!

Following a needs and want analysis our Trainers and Strength & Conditioning Specialists will design an individualized exercise program that is appropriate for your body and your goals.

Q: What can I expect in the initial Consultation?

A: In the initial consultation we will discuss your Health History and goals. We will also determine how soon we can reach those goals without jeopardizing your health & vitality.

Q: What makes your programs so “specific?”

A: The fitness industry is filled with uneducated professionals, many who are very passionate about fitness and mean well, but they are just not qualified to be putting clients through the complexities of exercise programs. On top of that most trainers will start training their clients without any assessment. That means there is no starting point, no scientific rationale to the program. This is unacceptable.  Our exercise programs design is preceded by 3 or more of the following assessments, based on the individuals unique or specific requirements:

  • Health history

  • Posture analysis

  • Length Tension Tests

  • Core Function/Stability Tests

  • Core Strength Testing

  • Range of Motion Tests

  • Movement Analysis

  • Maximal Strength Tests(Elite Athletes or Strength Athletes)

  • Body Composition Test

The results of our assessment protocols in conjunction with specific exercise principles unique to the Elevation Fitness model will help us to formulate a specific program to allow you to reach your health and/or performance goals.

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