It's time to get back to the gym!!

Elevation Fitness is finally reopening Monday, August 31st.  There will be many new rules to help us operate safely and under the guidelines established by the CDC and DOH.  In addition, Elevation Fitness has added the New York Fitness Coalition's opening protocol to the plan set forth by NYS.  This gives you, the member, the ability to physically see that we have exceeded CDC guidelines and compiled with DOH and NYS standards for keeping our gym hygienic.  We plan to remain transparent with what we are doing to keep you safe -Click the link to view our entire Safety Protocol.

Our Safety plan will include the following:

  • A monthly grading system, based on testing of high touch points, to confirm no biofilms are present.

    • A letter grade will be present each month on our door and website for everyone to see.  Without this system gym goers have no way of knowing for certain that a gym is clean and has done the best they could to remove the biofilm that feeds bacteria, germs and viruses.

  • We will administer daily health screenings for all employees and members as you enter the facility. We have created a touchless health screen, you will be asked to scan a QR code once you arrive at the gym or prior to your appointment which will bring you to our quick survey

    • If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the gym.

    • If there is any change in your health you are required to inform us.

  • Masks will be required for members and employees, as per state regulations, at all times while you are in the gym (except when eating or drinking). There are several companies making “athletic-friendly” masks for use while exercising, including Halo Life, Masqd and Athleta masks. We strongly recommend you invest in a good quality mask for exercise, and that you clean it daily. Bandanas and gaiters are not approved for the fitness setting.

  • Capacity will be capped at 33%. We have a large space (20,000 sq ft) and do not foresee any problems with capacity at this time.

  • All weight and cardio equipment will be at least 6 feet apart or turned off with a sign if they can’t be relocated. Please remember to wipe down equipment after use. 

  • All classes will be limited in capacity to provide for at least 6 feet of space between all participants.

  • We have installed MERV13 air filters in our HVAC units, as required by New York State.  We have also invested in an air purification system.

  • We have implemented expanded cleaning protocols to ensure all equipment is cleaned after use.

  • We have installed hands-free cleaning solution dispensers to complement our hands-free towel dispensers. Hand sanitizing stations are available around the gym. You should use them frequently.

  • The locker rooms, showers and water fountains will not be available at this time. Bottled water will be available for sale, or you can bring your own.

New Hours

To manage the cleaning requirements and capacity restrictions, we will be making several changes to how we operate. These will be assessed after we open and adjusted as needed, however we do plan on expanding hours soon.

Hours Of Operation

Our hours of operation will be reduced when we first open and expanded on soon.

Monday to Thursday:  7am – 12pm, 3pm -8pm.

Friday: 7am – 2 pm

Saturday: 7am – 2 pm

Sunday: Closed

Classes & CrossFit

We are continuing our current class schedule, which will be posted on our website this week. We will be revising the schedule soon, be on the look out for an email. Classes will continue to be offered indoors, outdoors, combination of both, and virtually.  

  • We recommend that you bring your own mat and towel to class. 

Personal Training

Personal training will continue. We will work with the trainers to allocate training time under capacity controls, and all sessions will be scheduled to work under these limits.

  • Both you and your trainer will be required to wear masks while training. Distancing protocols will be followed to the greatest degree possible while training. You and your trainer will be required to avoid sharing equipment, and for cleaning any equipment you use.

Your Membership *Important please read*

As we reopen on August 31st, membership billing will resume on or around August 31st, 2020. 

  • Your membership with resume under the guidelines described above. 

  • Note: All reactivating members will be required to complete a new waiver.  We will send you a link to do this online. 

**We completely understand that there are many reasons you may not be comfortable or able to return to the gym at this time. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Peter directly at 631-278-7931.

Our number one goal is to keep you safe and give you the best environment to work out in. 


We feel confident in our ability to get you back in the gym safely and help you live a healthy and fit life. We look forward to seeing you all back as soon as possible. 


We miss you,

Peter, Christina & The Elevation Family