Nutrition Coaching
Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level? Are you hoping to end food confusion and figure out what works for your body best? You might know that your nutrition, exercise, other lifestyle habits are related to each other but how do you make it all come together?

We are committed to helping you take the stress out of eating.  You can get to a place where you choose the foods that support your health, athletic performance and body composition goals - not because you feel like you have to - but because you want to.

Eat less/Move More does not work for everyone, in fact, our clients find by fueling themselves properly eating more actually builds strong lean muscle, drops body fat and supports healthy metabolism.  
Throw away the chicken, broccoli and brown rice, the fat-free foods, 100-calorie cookies and say yes to our coaching program.
You will learn essential habits that you can sustain long past your meal plan. 

You will learn how to:

  • Lose body fat in a sustainable way

  • Build muscle mass and size

  • Appropriately fuel training and rest days

  • Time macronutrients around your workouts for improved performance and recovery

  • Accurately track your food intake

  • Enjoy healthy food choices

  • Discover new recipes and long-term lifestyle habits

  • Approach eating out and drinking alcohol

Nutrition Coaching

+ learn overall quantity of food to help you achieve your weight, strength, and body composition goals in the most efficient way

+ enjoy flexibility and control to eat which ever foods you like, adding up to your prescribed calorie and macro numbers each day

+ encourage whole, real foods most often but learn how to build in treats without guilt

+ learn a new overall eating pattern about food quality, nutrient timing, appropriate supplementation

+ heal digestive issues, balance hormones, improve your performance in your workout of choice

+ learn strategies that relate not only to improving your nutrition, but stress, sleep and exercise activity habits as well

Nutrition Coaching - 4 week plan

Nutrition Coaching - 4 week plan

Meal Plan Downloads
downloadable meal plans simplify the meal planning and prepping process, providing you with easy, balanced meals for the week. 
Nutrition Coaching - 8 week plan

Nutrition Coaching - 8 week plan


What Clients are saying:

"My next meeting was with Christina, to discuss nutrition. Again, NO judgement, just the utmost encouragement! We discussed my eating habits, how and when I eat my meals, what foods I liked and disliked. She then incorporated all of that into recipes and weekly meal plans. Christina customized my plan to fit MY schedule, to include foods I liked, and each week tweaked the plans based on our discussions. Aside from our meetings, Christina checked in with me every week. If I went off track, she encouraged me to get right back on track! She also gave me product suggestions, sent me links about things we discussed, and overall helped me to change the way I cook and eat. She helped me make a life change, not just put me in a diet!.... 

...So let’s talk numbers! Well...a lady never reveals but I would like share that I’m down 4, almost 5 sizes, my energy levels have significantly increased, I have muscle tone instead of flab, and the simple things in life like walking up stairs, tying my shoes, walking long distances, tolerance to heat, are...well....simple again!"

"When our youngest child went off to college in September my husband, Bill, and I decided that we would like to be a little leaner and learn more about nutrition to help us stay healthy for the rest of our lives. I needed someone who would work with my likes & dislikes are - Christina TOTALLY did that without insisting that I try a salad!  Bill will eat anything so the most important for him was teaching him how MUCH to eat, he didn't eat very much so his metabolism had slowed.  Also important was that we would be eating the same or similar meals so less prep/planning.  I'll be honest the first week was daunting with the shopping and food prep but we were committed and it does get easier as you go along.   Neither one of us are gourmet cooks or have the want or time to be so Christina was able to modify our plan to simpler meals which made meal prep even easier.   Neither one of us wanted to lose muscle/strength with our weight loss because we are both very active.  We go to gyms where we incorporate strength training with metabolic conditioning 4 - 5 days a week.  In addition to the gym I run 5ks and do obstacle races, while Bill mountain bikes and skis so starving all of the time or feeling weak due to lack of nutrition wouldn't work for us.   Thanks to the excellent meal plans provided by Christina this was never an issue.  We learned how much protein, carbs and fat to eat to stay fueled during the day and our workouts.  If we weren't feeling our best or making progress when we checked in with Christina she adjusted things for the next week.  We both lost weight during the 8 week couples plan and decided to add another 4 weeks to it to get us almost to where we want to be.  After 12 weeks Bill has lost over 20 pounds and 8% body fat, I have lost 14 pounds and over 3%.body fat.  We have been able to go on a 4 day mini vacation and occasional meals out without wrecking our progress.  In addition to being leaner and having to get smaller sizes in clothing we have both made personal bests at the gym.   Bill is 52 and I am 50, we are both leaner and fitter and ultimately stronger than we have been in our adults lives.  We both have a little more to go but with the knowledge we have gained from Christina and access to the meal plans and macros she made for us we feel confident that we can get where we want to be on our own.  The meal plan but most importantly our coach Christina, have taught us the skills to continue this healthier lifestyle.  I would, do and have totally recommended this program."