Mike McBride

CrossFit Coach


CF-L1, ISSA Fitness Nutrition, CPR/AED

What's your inspiration for helping clients or getting into the fitness industry? 

My biggest inspiration for helping clients is to return the success I got from my coaches and how CrossFit and Nutrition combined have put me in the best shape of my life.  Getting into the fitness industry was something natural to me as I grew up playing sports nationwide so it became second nature.

What’s your favorite exercise?

There's no one particular exercise/movement that is my favorite, but my favorite workout is "Murph" not for the actual amount of reps performed but for the background of the workout and what it stands for.

What’s your go to healthy snack or guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is tacos and doughnuts.

Favorite quote?

 "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance"