Macebell Movement

A six week program

The macebell is a tool thousands of years old and was used by wrestlers and warriors to develop dynamic strength.

The Macebell Program is a full body strength and conditioning program that gradually ramps up intensity over the course of 6 weeks and designed for all fitness levels.  This program is a challenging plan that will dramatically improve both your power and endurance. The movements will engage a dynamic core and shoulder workout, as well as utilize you’re your stabilizer muscle to help create a toned appearance.

Early Bird Pricing (By April 25th)

$189 General

$239 VIP (includes 2-45 minute Private Sessions)


Regular Pricing after early bird deal

$218 General

$269 VIP (includes 2-45 minute Private Sessions)

Monday & Wednesday 7pm

Starting May 6th and continuing for following 6 weeks