Eat Clean…Train Mean, 5-week Summer Slim Down Challenge

Investment: $249

Our 5-week Eat Clean, Train Mean Challenge starts Sunday, May 19th.


Get ready for the summer!

Prizes will be awarded!

This challenge is going to first and foremost be a “reset” to hopefully allow everyone to get back on track and ready for summer! Nutrition is a critical part of results–no matter how hard you try you cannot out-train a bad diet. This is not simply a weight loss challenge. It is for anyone looking to see positive changes in their performance, energy levels, body fat percentage, and biomarkers, amongst many other things. Below you will find the details.


  • Five specialty workouts per week

    • Class ​options are Monday/Thursday 630am, 930am, 6pm; Tues/Wed 4pm; Saturday 930am

*Note May 25th we have a special workout at 8 and 9am, followed by a BBQ

*If you are not a member of our gym, take advantage of our Best Value Deal for access to entire facility and all CrossFit classes, including yoga, steel mace, Pilates, boot camps for only an additional $69 for the 5 weeks ($194 value)


  • 5 week meal plan created by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a focus on whole foods/quality of foods.  This is not in individualized plan, but rather framework to eliminate the "junk" food and get in high quality food to fuel your body properly.

  • Corresponding grocery shopping lists with simple food prep instructions

  • There will be biweekly meetings Saturday at 11am for members to attend for feedback, help, and Q&A. This will be great for everyone to get together to swap ideas, struggles, wins, etc! The first challenge meeting will take place on Sunday, May 19th at 10am. This “pre-start” meeting will be to go over all the details of the expectations, benefits, and rules of the challenge as well as pre-challenge measurements.

  • Biweekly meetings are June 1st and June 15th

  • Pre and post body anthropometric measurements 

  • Access to our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to address personal challenges

  • Membership and support

  • Accountability

*please note this is not a medically prescribed diet, if you require special dietary restrictions please consider our custom nutrition plans

* please note this includes vegan diets, food allergies and sensitives, and medical conditions

Please contact Christina if you have questions

How to win

This challenge will be based on a points system to help keep you accountable. You will be responsible for tracking your own points and submitting each week.

Here are how the points are broken down:

3 Points:  Followed nutrition guidelines of challenge 100%
Example:  Only ate foods from allowed list, one alcoholic drink per week.

1 Points:  Several meals did not fall within guidelines
Example:  You had fast food for dinner one night, ate take out pizza another night

0 Points:  Did not follow nutrition program at all
Example:  You went off the rails at dinner and then went out for drinks.

Bonus Points:

1 Point for each day you work out per week (up to 5 in 1 week, take some time to rest and go have fun you wild maniacs!).

5 Point: Drink at least 90 ounces of water each day that week

5 Point: Sleeping at least 7 hours each night that week

2 Points: Attending each weekly meeting

1st Place in points:
1 month membership to Elevation Fitness/CrossFit ($155 value)
2 Private Personal training sessions ($180 value)

2nd Place in points:
1 month membership to Elevation Fitness/CrossFit ($155 value)

Most body fat % lost:

1 month membership to Elevation Fitness/CrossFit

$75 cash

To sign up, click below or contact Christina or Peter at 631-321-1900 or email

This challenge starts Sunday, May 19th, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible! The deadline to sign up is Friday, May, 17th.  Space is limited

2019 Eat Clean Train Mean Challenge

$249 per person

Contact the front desk or email us with questions