Christina Lombardi, MS, RD


How long have you been a part of the Elevation Family?


I have been with Elevation from the start, I have been working in the field of nutrition for almost ten years!




Master of Science in Nutrition and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


What’s your inspiration for helping clients or getting into the fitness industry?


I have always had a love for food, fitness and nutrition. During my early 20s, I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, which ultimately lead me to the path to change careers and become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

I love to help clients find their love for healthy, wholesome foods and gain confidence in creating their own healthy lifestyle.  There is nothing better than helping people reach their goals.

What’s your favorite exercise?


Deadlifts, back squats, and cleans.  Love working out the lower body!

What’s your go to healthy snack or guilty pleasure?


Favorite healthy snack is cold apple with peanut butter, guilty pleasure is anything chocolate :)

Favorite quote?


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates 


Biggest fitness achievement?


Always working on new fitness goals, recently hitting my pull ups was huge!  Also, completing the Spartan Race.