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Elevation Fitness

Daily Stretch to improve posture & Breathing Mechanics

It is possible the stiffness in your shoulders DID NOT originate in your shoulders, this stretch will facilitate spinal extension and improve rib mechanics , which are all too frequently disregarded in training programs.

👉You must focus on on improving thoracic extension and rib expansion during inhalation all while inhibiting over active muscle groupings that are pulling you into poor posture. 

👉This exercise does exactly that. 

1) find a bench to prop your elbows on while kneeling. 

2) tightened your abdominal muscle while tilting your pelvic backwards (tucking your tail between your legs) 

3) clasp your hands but keep them relaxed while letting your chest and head fall closer to the floor, your should feel your mid back start to extend and your lats stretch. 

4) IMPORTANT- unclasp your hands creating a muscle contraction that will externally rotate your shoulders and hold this position 5-8 seconds and relax back into your hands. Repeat this action 5-6 times before disengaging the stretch. 

5) be sure to BREATH into your upper back trying to expand your ribs. 

6 ) Very frequently we see people creating too much stiffness by pushing their backs up to the ceiling , stay relaxed while doing this.