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Training to Improve “Performance”

What is “Performance Training?

Often the word performance when used in regards to training triggers the misconception that performance is solely related to an athlete in his or her related sport.

This could not be further from the truth, Performance Training is related to and will benefit each and every individual. We all must perform on a daily basis, and the demands placed on a 90 year old compared to that of a professional athlete differs in degree but not importance.

With that being said, the trainer/coach must understand the demands being placed on the client in their work/ sport environment. We must understand the habitual activities of daily living in our clients lives. This information allows us to program such that we allow for improved performance while simultaneously reducing the potential for injury.


Training for Performance means improving your ability to carry your groceries to the car and up the stairs, the ability to run and jump and play with your kids. Training for Performance means being able to travel to Italy and walk for hours while carrying bags, it means being able to get in and out of your car with out back pain, it means being able to walk up and down stairs without getting out of breath, it means being able take care of yourself.

The Concept of Training for Performance is much deeper than just improving strength, conditioning, and work capacity for a given sport, it is about about utilizing Fitness, and the exercise sciences to improve quality of life.

I invite you all to to re-think the concept of Performance Training.