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Elevation Fitness

Optimize Breath for Optimal Wellness

We breath about twenty five thousand nine hundred times per day.

Breathing is of utmost importance and the body will sacrifice and compensate in anyway needed to maintain breathing.

It is important to remember that many of us are running around in a sympathetic (fight or flight) response all day.

This sympathetic response will alter our optimal breathing patterns and turn us into “neck” breathers.

What this means is the muscles we will be using to breath will be the muscles that are consider secondary respiratory muscles. These muscles are used to breath in times of stress.

Over facilitation of these muscles will eventually lead to muscle imbalances and inverted breathing patterns. Using these muscles signal a stress response to the nervous system.

Learning to slow our breathing and activating our diaphragm is imperative for optimal health and vitality. In doing so we can balance our nervous system and concomitantly improve muscle imbalances.

This brief video will demonstrate an inverted breathing pattern and an excellent exercise you can incorporate on a daily basis to optimize breathing patterns.

Please remember when inhaling and activating the diaphragm we want anterior /posterior and lateral expansion. We will touch on this in later episodes, articles.