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Elevation Fitness

The Prone Cobra

Postural Strength/Endurance

*Used to correct forward head posture and reduce thoracic kyphosis.
*Strengthens postural muscles.
*Improves proprioceptive awareness.

Maintain a tucked chin position to promote axial extension, keeping the cervical spine in neutral.

If a hyperlordotic posture is present , focus on activating the Gluteus Maximus to reduce over recruitment of the lumbar erectors.

If a flat back (posterior pelvic tilt/lumbar flexion) is present the Gluteus Maximus does NOT need to be activated. In this situation we want to encourage the lumbar erectors to work as much as possible.    

As the chest comes off the ground we want to couple supination of the hands, external rotation of the shoulders (glenohumeral joint) and retraction of the scapula (squeeze the shoulder blades together) 

When the prone cobra is performed correctly there is usually a sensation of muscle activation in the middle of the thoracic spine between the shoulder blades.

Gold standard for this exercise is three minutes (life changing).

Build up slowly starting with 10 seconds on 10 seconds off for sets of 8-10.

Systematically increase the time under tension while decreasing the amount of sets.

Watch this video demonstration: